It’s axiomatic that popularity, to a certain extent, lends success. Even though introverts have a strong, but quiet force, it is seldom that they are heard.

As an introvert myself, the struggles of being heard is all too familiar. It took me years to (sort of) come out of my mold. So, when I came across an article by cartoonist, Jessica Hagy, who was a speaker at SXSW, I thought it might help you.

That’s me … afraid. WPPI 2013 Platform Seminar: Content Strategy – Photo by Regis Chen
wppi speaker

Tips and graphics are by Jessica Hagy.

  1. Explore. Adventure out of your comfort zone. Go see things!
  2. Share. Be generous with your discoveries.
  3. Do. Do something. Anything. Do anything, except complain about doing nothing.
  4. Embrace. Embrace your inner weirdness. Don’t hide it. Your quirks are what make you unique.
  5. Believe. Have a cause that you truly care about.
  6. Self-deprecate. Be humble. Minimize the swagger. Ego is disgusting.
  7. Try. Be daring. What’s the worst that can happen?
  8. Drive. Try to avoid bandwagons. Get your own and other like-minded people will join.
  9. Dare. The more you fear, the less you do … and become. Don’t have regrets.
  10. Ignore. There will always be haters. As Taylor Swift aptly puts it, “People throw rocks at things that shine.”

how to be interesting

What will you work on today?

Your quiet friend,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Growing up, I had a bad experience with lamb. I had no intentions of every trying it again. However, one evening at Ad Hoc (Napa Valley), I decided to endeavor it. I don’t know if it was the wine talking or my hunger pangs. In the end, it turned out to be the best part of the five-course dinner. Glad I was adventurous that night (#1).

ad hoc