Over the weekend, Beyoncé released her new album without a peep of marketing and it hit top sales immediately due to her fame.

It reminded me of an article that I posted after getting engaged – Is Being Popular to Peers Worth It? When it boils down, I’m very likely going to hire a photographer who I have followed and admired for years. And in order to be followed and admired, you have to be at least popular enough to enter people’s radar.

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There really isn’t a direct formula for popularity, because that depends on an infinite number of circumstances, but there are always two common factors. In fact, these two factors are from the laws of economics.

  • Everyone wants to enjoy the good(s) produced by this superstar
  • The good is supplied most efficiently, so that it is low enough in cost to every consumer

In regards to Beyoncé, everyone loves her music, but it has to have a widespread reach at a low enough cost to consumers; in this case, $16.99.

It’s the same concept for Coca-Cola’s model. It is a refreshing beverage, easily accessible (probably even in the desert and apparently in the polar arctic) and cheap enough for everyone to enjoy.

coca cola polar bear

How This Applies to You

Obviously, as a boutique business, you cannot scale your production to become a low-enough-cost product such as Coca-Cola. However, that is not the only product that you have in your repertoire!

In addition to the items you sell, you can provide helpful tips for your clients. This is one of many forms of content strategy.

For example, let’s pretend that your target audience is new moms. And for the longest time, you have consistently created content that cured the pains of your readers with topics such as the ones below.

  • When to Give Your Baby a Pacifier
  • How to Swaddle a Baby who Doesn’t Want to be Swaddled
  • Foolproof Ways to Avoid Getting Peed On
  • How to Cut Thin and Tiny Baby Fingernails
  • Decipher Hungry Cry From Wet, Sleepy or Gas Cry
  • 15 Ways to Take Great Photos of Your Newborn with a Smartphone
  • How to Explain that Santa Clause Does Not Exist

how to hold a baby

Do you think prospects would …

  1. enjoy these goods provided?
  2. access these goods efficiently at an affordable rate?
    YES! They’re FREE on your blog and distributed efficiently on social media!

All while giving helpful tips, you include personal stories, beautiful photos of your own kid and those of your clients. With time, you become an authority, you turn into a popular superstar, and, most importantly, you build TRUST.

[quote align=”center” color=”#7dcceb”]These tips are an excerpt from Chapter 3 of
TRUST | Mastering the Art of Content Creation and Successful Blogging[/quote]

Hope you enjoyed this! More on this in the coming weeks!

Happy holidays,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. This e-book is an expansion of my 2013 WPPI Platform Presentation and will be available February 2014.

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P.P.S. What are you doing for the holidays? 😀 Comment below.

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