Last week, I met up with friends in New York and San Francisco. As a real estate zealot, we guessed the prices of homes, points in value cycles and possible rent costs.

In the thick of it all, a thought came to me that Julie (fiancée) once shared with me when we were in high school (1999). She was a wise owl even as a kid.

the most expensive rent is the space in your head

As you expand your business, you also expand your contact points, which increases your chances to meet annoying people. Alas, they are inevitable.

Some pugnacious people do so out of ignorance. What is worse are those who do so for Schadenfreude – ones who take pleasure in the demise of others.

If there’s anything you should do for this new year is to [continue to] focus on positivity and anything that makes you happy.

Happy 2014,

Lawrence Chan

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