trust rule 2

Whenever I go to the market, there are always numerous options to pick from. However, between two or more products that I have no preference for (e.g., organic green tea), I tend to favor brands that do some good for society.

  • Donates portion of proceeds towards charity
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Brings awareness to people in need of aid

The list continues. These are all forms of cause-related marketing, which brings me to Rule #2.

green tea

2. You Cannot Sell Directly to Someone Else … Unless It is Tied to a Selfless Cause

Ever been approached by a Girl Scout selling cookies? Well, I bet you bought, because her motive for selling to you is not to get rich. She just wants to go camping and earn merit badges.

It’s easy to support her with a purchase. Aligning your business with a charity is a form of cause marketing or cause-related marketing.

chocolate chip cookies

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Is there a brand that you support over others because it is tied to a good cause? Comment below!