trust rule 3

All of my Rules for Trust pertain to ulterior motives, which can be summed up as gains and losses, and ways to circumvent them. When you try to sell directly to someone, there is ulterior motive. However …

3: A Friend Can Sell to You

For the most part, friends do not have ulterior motives. They try to help you. And this is what makes word-of-mouth marketing so effective. Why would a friend have any reason to deceive you?

When using content strategy, you are generating content that is helpful for your readers. When your readers share your content, it removes the ulterior motive of you trying to force the content onto people yourself. Get where I am going with this?

If your content offers solutions to unanswered questions or questions your readers did not even think of, you will instill a certain level of trust. If your readers believe that your content can improve the lives of their friends, they will possibly share your work. This leads to inbound traffic, trust and conversion.

So focus on creating strong relationships with clients and the friends of clients. Ideally, they’ll sing your praises.

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Has a friend ever steered you in the wrong direction? 😛 Sometimes, despite having your best interest at heart, they offer poor advice. Comment below!