trust rule 6

Over the holidays, my mailbox was bombarded with sales ads. Every department store was trying to outdo each other. On top of the deep discounts, there were an additional discounts if I spent $100 or more!

As I perused the aisles, my arms were laden with more and more clothes. I justified every purchase, “I’m actually saving money with the more I purchase!”

kenneth cole sale

We all do this. You buy just a little more to get free shipping. You buy an extra article to take advantage of the next tier discount. You …

You Can Sell to Yourself

… or convince yourself that something is good, especially if it’s something you’ve used or experienced before. I mean, we all know a Starbucks addict who bought a $4 beverage yesterday. Why wouldn’t s(he) buy another one today?

It becomes a costly habit, but it does not feel too expensive each day, even though there is free coffee at the office or bulk coffee at home. It is all about anticipation and repetition.

starbucks cups

So let people try what you’ve got. With time, your prospects will sell themselves.

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