Think of your favorite brands. They’re all unique and memorable, right? Below are a few of mine.

  • Nike – Just do it.
  • Apple – Think different.
  • Coke – Open happiness.
  • Tofurious – Marketing smarter. 🙂

Your brand has to be short and memorable.

  • If you think of cola, Coke hopes that you think of them.
  • If you want to market yourself, I hope that you will think of me.
  • If prospects think of your craft, your goal is for them to think of you.

This is called Top of Mind Awareness or TOMA for short. Conversely, you cannot instill top of mind awareness of anything if your brand is complex and hard to remember.

If you cannot sum up your entire brand in one Tweet, it’s too long.

In addition to a memorable slogan, the story behind your brand must be easy for people to retell. This is the difference between your clients just being a customer and being an evangelist.

Evangelists sell your brand vision for you. Therefore, your story must have a reason behind why you chose to do what you do. Below are three examples.

Gucci Eyewear: Pride in Craftsmanship

To simply say, “go buy our sunglasses because they are cool” does not motivate consumers to share that story.

Gucci – a luxury label – shared a triptych of photos on Instagram explaining how their new aviator sunglasses were designed and created individually by hand; obviously, they are never mass manufactured.

gucci story

Rolex Unique Appliqué: Superior Design

For those who own Rolexes (I don’t), many owners have wondered why the Roman numeral four appliqué was IIII rather than IV.

After I read the story, it made perfect sense! It’s for balance! The old IIII (four) notation matches the VIII (eight) better in width. Now, I can share this story when I do buy a Rolex or with people who own one.

rolex story

TOMS One for One: Every Stripe Tells a Story

TOMS started out by selling shoes. Now, TOMS also sells sunglasses.

Their motto is simple – one for one. You buy a pair of shoes; TOMS will donate a pair to someone in need. You buy a pair of sunglasses; TOMS will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need of corrective vision.

TOMS’ logo has three stripes and it is branded in all of their products.

Toms Eyewear

Notice how all three brands have a story, even a story for individual products! They were short, meaningful and easy to retell. Learn the art of storytelling (among many other things) in my e-book, TRUST.


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Lawrence Chan

P.S. I love stories. I dedicate about two hours a day to recreational reading. It’s my kind of utopia. What do you like to do as a recreation? Comment below!