Capitalism and business is driven by self-success. However, through content strategy, focusing on the success of others can lead to success for you as well.

First, you must understand your target audience’s fears.

What problems do your clients face? What issues keep them up at night?

The bigger the problems your clients face, the bigger the opportunities for you to generate valuable content. Create cures for their pains!

Imagine if you were the solution to their questions. Without motive, you helped them. How do you think they will perceive you?

  • If your content was helpful, they may share it. (rule #3 for trust)
  • If their network of friends thought the content was helpful, you became an authority figure. (rule #4 for trust)

Not only do you build trust with readers through helpful advices, but you also open up opportunities to share your portfolio work without being “salesy.” Good content coupled with SEO can increase your exposure rate dramatically.

Readers who land on your helpful tips may not need your services immediately, but may keep you in mind for future work. Check out some of the ideas below for the creative industry. If you were a pet owner, mother, bride / groom or senior, would you click on these topics?

Pet Photography

Target: Pet Owners

  • How to Potty Train Your Pet
  • Dog Tips for Summer
  • Can Dogs or Cats Eat Human Foods?

white teacup poodle

Newborn Photography

Target: Moms

  • How to Get My Baby to Sleep
  • Rekindling Sex Life After the Baby
  • Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?

Wedding Photography

Target: Brides and Grooms

  • How to Write the Perfect Vows
  • Average Wedding Photography Costs
  • Photo Booth Props

nyc bridal market

Senior Portrait Photography

Target: High School Seniors

  • How to Avoid Pimples
  • College Application Tips
  • 25 Dance Moves for Prom

You might think, β€œCome on, Lawrence. Really? Pimple prevention tips?” Really. If seniors are your target audience, these are the solutions they seek. This is an opportunity to build trust and to become an authority.

Lastly, do not forget to add portfolio-quality photos into each of these posts. This is the perfect way to showcase your beautiful work without without having ulterior motive.

And if they so happen to peruse your professional services (e.g., photography), then bingo. This is only one of many strategies elaborated in my e-book TRUST.


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Lawrence Chan

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