What is the point of generating a lot of traffic with valuable content if you do not convert them into clients or evangelists?

Content can be maximized in all sorts of places – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so forth. Having said that, your blog is still where you should focus your energies.

funnel effect

The reason is because social media is mostly good for two items:

  1. creating engagement
  2. driving traffic back to your website

The second is paramount because your website is where the funnel effect takes place. This means that all traffic sources must return to your home field where you will convert looky-loos into paying customers or whooping cheerleaders.

Think about it. Will you sign a new client on Twitter or Facebook? Probably not. You will, however, use social to drive the traffic home for conversion.

Lack of Calls to Action

A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, text link or request meant to direct a user to act on something.

Sometimes, it can even be a photo! You can think of CTAs as, “The next step is to (blank).”

gucci bamboo confidential

All of your social media efforts — photos, photos, texts, etc. — should link back to your site. It’s pointless to circulate conversation on a platforms that do not convert.

Toooooo Many Calls to Action

Just as it is important to give users options (CTAs), it is also important to not give too many requests.

Imagine if your content post has lots of outbound links. Each link is a potential distraction, which means that each link decreases the chance of your users from finishing reading.

Therefore, be selective. Supplementary links are good. Too many are bad, especially if the links go to an external site (not owned by you). Why would you want the traffic to leave your site?


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Lawrence Chan

P.S. That big blue banner is a CTA 🙂 Notice how I did not add anymore links?

P.P.S. A number of people asked me to create an audiobook for my previous works, but I was always too busy. This time, I’m converting all 230+ pages into my annoying voice.

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