This meme sums it up for me.

grammar meme - some ecard

While I am not a saint when it comes to the proper use of the English language – I blame my sucky upbringing – I do, however, try my very best to avoid the following common offenses.

In some cases, without correct syntax, the changed meaning is outright hilarious!

Commas Matter

Without the proper placement of comma(s), you won’t separate the the action from the pronoun(s). Check out these errors.

i like cooking my family and my pets comma

grammar meme - commas matter

Common Phrases Said Incorrectly

10 words and phrases that too many folks say incorrectly

grammar meme - common phrases

grammar - how to write good

Top Spelling Mistakes

grammar meme - top 10 spelling errors

grammar meme - common spelling errors

Mistakes in Real Life

spelling matters

grammar mistakes 1

grammar meme - dont touch yourself

spelling mistakes 2



grammar - plurality

scholars walk

rachel ray cooks her dog


In order to clearly articulate what you mean, you need to use proper grammar. Otherwise, unicorns and baby seals cry. For real.

grammar meme - grammarly alphabet soup


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P.S. If you make a mistake, this kitten will turn into a ravaging grammar ninja. It’s watching your every move.

animated cat staring