Despite having valuable content, the first hurdle for readership is creating an alluring hook to get people’s attention.

Below are 10 templates from my book HOOKS | 103 Magnetic Headlines. The second bulleted examples are catered for photographers.

hooks 103 magnetic headlines

Why Doesn’t [noun] [verb] Me?

In this headline, people can reflect on something that they are struggling with personally.

  • Why Doesn’t My Boss Like Me?
  • Why Doesn’t My Dog Love Me? (pets)

[noun] for [noun]

This headline states that something is related or helpful to something else. This creates a general sort of formula, which can take many directions.

  • Fashions for Summer
  • Brain Food for Babies (newborn)

Best [adjective] [noun] Under [price / period of time]

The key word here is the word “under.” Using this word promises the reader some kind of savings, whether it is in money or in time.

  • Best Spring Looks Under $150
  • Best Cardio Workouts Under 30 Minutes (wedding – fitness)

New Tricks to [adjective] [noun]

Taking something that is common and giving it a new spin is always refreshing.

  • New Tricks to Awesome Hairdos
  • New Tricks to Studying for the SATs (seniors)

Simple Strategies to [verb]

This headline directly tells your audience that you are giving them straight advice on how to get something done. People respond well to a plan of action.

  • Simple Strategies to Cut the Clutter
  • Simple Strategies to Eating Less Carbs (food, wedding – fitness)

Easy Tips for [verb]

Nobody loves a tip more than an easy tip!

  • Easy Tips for Healthier Eating
  • Easy Tips for Wide Landscapes (landscapes)

What Every [person] Can’t Live Without

It’s almost like a secret, figuring out what someone can’t live without. And you have the answer!

  • What Every Teacher Can’t Live Without
  • What Every Mom Can’t Live Without (babies, children, families)

The Secret Ingredient to [noun]

Being that the word “ingredient” is singular in this headline, the focus of this article will be on one very special thing that can make all the difference.

  • The Secret Ingredient to Perfect Skin
  • The Secret Ingredient to Luscious Lava Cake (food)

Remedies for [noun]

People have problems. You have remedies.

  • Remedies for Dry Skin
  • Remedies for Acne (seniors)

Bright Ideas for [noun]

You can never have enough of bright ideas.

  • Bright Ideas for Kids’ Rooms
  • Bright Ideas for Spring Appetizers (food)


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Lawrence Chan

P.S. I love templates. They make life more efficient, which leaves more time for me to nap. What do you like to do with your spare time? Comment below!


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