I am happy to return to the European Wedding Congress (#EWC2014) to share marketing strategies to wedding vendors in Western Europe. Each year, the EWC hosts a conference in a castle in the Netherlands for those who want to learn, connect and be inspired. This year, Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche hosted us.

I am honored to have spoken alongside Mike Larson, Jana Williams and Vanessa Van Wieren.

amsterdam - kasteel de hooge vuursche

This year, I spoke about TRUST. It’s a complex idea because there is hardly any tangibleness, but it’s a concept that applies to all businesses and even to life.

lawrence chan speaking

The below photo is by Mon et Mine. In the original picture, my pits were sweaty. So embarrassing. I photoshopped the stain out for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜›

euro wedding congress - tofurious

I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm by all of the attendees. The EWC is definitely a good program and I encourage those who are looking to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs to attend.

Good night!

kasteel de hooge vuursche - amsterdam