The main goal for social media is to create engagement through conversations and social interactions (e.g., Like, ♥, ReTweet, etc.). Instagram started as an iPhone-only application, but transgressed into Android and web.

Now, Instagram, like Vine, can be embedded into web posts. This makes connecting readers from different platforms easier! For example, the below photo is being directly pulled from my IG account.



If you’re on WordPress, all you need to do is place the link of the photo in your post and it works like magic, but it removes the following:

  • link to your IG profile
  • number of ♥
  • comments

embed instagram photos

If you want to retain all of the information, then you need to create an <iframe> embed. It’s pretty easy still, but requires a couple of extra steps.

1. Generate Embed Code

embed instagram photos

2. Copy Embed Code

embed instagram photos

3. Paste Embed Code

Make sure that you do so in the “text” or “coding” form of your post. If you paste it in the “visual,” it’ll just show the text and not actually execute the code.

embed instagram photos

That’s it! Keep in mind that Pin-It plugins do not work on embedded Instagram photos because the photos are linked from an outside source.

Have fun embedding photos now. Hopefully, you will increase followers by closing the gap between your blog / site and Instagram.

A suggestion is to post all of your photos as a gallery on your site, except for one that will be on Instagram. And embed that last IG photo onto your site. This not only creates exclusive content for each platform, but also avoids repeated content.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Yesterday, I ordered my first Chinese takeout in NYC. I am a true New Yorker now.