After months of preparation, I still did not feel ready for CreativeLive (CL). What I was most unprepared for, but quickly learned to enjoy, was having my makeup done. I presented on SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing.

lawrence chan makeup

Even though it took a village to put this production together, I want to thank a number of notable people who helped me significantly.

  • George Varanakis — Thanks for always having faith in me
  • Arlene Evans — Your warm energy is always appreciated
  • Meg Gayman — Thanks for helping me produce my segment and keeping me on track
  • Kellen Shimizu — Thanks for taking care of my sound
  • Susan Roderick — My lifeline xo
  • Mallory MacDonald — Much obliged for your behind the scenes monitoring
  • Liz — Thanks for taking care of behind the scenes production

tofurious creativelive

Lastly, I want to thank my four studio guests and the 16,000+ online attendees who tuned in. I know that it was two-days. I hope that I made the time worthwhile.

Below: left to right

creativelive tofurious


More details about the course can be found here.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. One of my favorite reasons for visiting Seattle (home to CL) is the amazing food!