In high school, there was a quirky girl who marched to the beat of her own drum — dressed how she felt, ate what she liked, and acted as she pleased. She never fell prey to stereotypes nor did she project them upon others. “My dad taught me to walk into a room of people and to treat others equally as I would expect them to me.”

There was no such thing as, “like a girl.” To her, there was only “like Julie.” Below, I offered, like a gentleman, to crack a nut for her and she dismissed me, so that she could smash it herself.

crushing macadamia nut

Always’s Message to Girls

Stereotypes are powerful and generally used in a negative way. Always, the feminine hygiene company, is trying to change that damaging perspective of doing things “like a girl.”

Most commercials do not add value. Think of your typical car commercial — a flippant, compact car zips through town or a monstrous truck conquering perilous terrains — there’s little worth, aside from a cool or funny factor. Kia Soul’s hamster spokespeople are typical of this point.

Effective campaigns relate emotionally. Check out two more commercials below.

P&G — Proud Sponsor of Moms

Google — Parisian Love

  • Find out everything about your target audience
  • Understand their likes, dislikes, and fears
  • Connect your brand philosophy with your campaign
  • Create a message that resonates


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Julie, now my fiancée, loves garlic fries.