A vital element of packaging and promoting your products is language. It matters a lot. I’m talking about word choice, the overall tone, the style portrayed, and even brand associations.

For instance, how you end up portraying the size of your offering can impact its perceived value. In America (and most modern civilizations), size is an indicator of value — cars, buildings, and meals. We’ll talk more about the small-large dynamic a little later. For now, let’s talk about customer perceptions of value in terms of packaging and pricing.

When naming photography options, consider high pedigree names. I mean, who’d want to hire the Smallest Moving Crew Ever to handle a cross-country relocation?

For style and vibe, consider using positive brand associations with naming. Consider this example. Dry Bar, a hair blowout business that’s popping up in Southern California — “No Cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts. For $35.” — has a menu of hair blowout names that are all inspired by cocktail drinks (think: Manhattan, Straight Up, Hot Toddy, Mai Tai). And Dry Bar charges a flat fee no matter which you choose or what kind of hair you have. Nice and easy … and fun, too.


Understanding that people are averse to loss, many other companies have taken to great efforts to remove any “small” items from their menus.

For example, Pizza Hut does not have a Small Pizza; it has a Personal Pan Pizza, and, of course, Medium, Large, etc. Starbucks completely removed Small, Medium, and Large. In lieu of those, it has Tall, Grande, and Venti.

Be creative. Let’s go!


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