Someone wrote to me about the “ideal” number of packages. As always, it depends.

Should you have a la carte, one, two, three, four, or more packages? All businesses (including photographers) need to make the choice so obvious that there’s minimal loss aversion.

There’s no right answer. Everybody’s situation is different. Here’s an example of even two packages!

Granted that you like soda and want to supplement your meal with a fizzy drink. I could make it very convincing to upgrade if I wanted to. Which would you order?

  • 12 oz soda — $1.50
  • 24 oz soda — $1.65

Don’t worry about if this is a good deal for the store owner. All else equal, the bottom line is whether or not you’d upgrade. For 10% more money, you’d get 100% more drink. Numbers can be enticing. It works the opposite way too.

My example just showed you how we can be swayed by numbers. That’s how you make clients ecstatic about a deal and quick to purchase. That’s conversion.

starbucks coffee

I hope that that made sense! By the way, this, along with many other strategies, are in my psychology of pricing e-book 🙂

Now, the question is how many packages work for you?

Have you ever bought more for free shipping, extra savings (e.g., buy 2 get 1 free), bonus gift, or some other incentive? Comment your story below!

Always be enticing,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Do not worry about whether the store owner’s variable cost exceeds the marginal benefit. In my e-book, I have strategies on how to give the perception of massive benefits without actually losing money.

P.P.S. A lovely note from food photographer Anja about my CreativeLive presentation, and pricing, SEO, and building trust e-books.

… from the moment I got reading, I got hooked. Saw you on Creative Live and got Found + Creative Pricing – which has been incredibly helpful not only in determining my pricing but also instilling absolute confidence behind it. And more recently, Trust and Hooks. The content is fantastic but it’s the way it’s presented, that is so awesome. The wit and the visuals.

Stay amazing, Lawrence.

Sincerely, Anja
Tofurious Evangelist